Installation and then what? SERVICE!

We provide periodic and preventive maintenance of photovoltaic systems. Our technicians have the appropriate qualifications and specialist equipment for the diagnosis, evaluation and troubleshooting related to the malfunction of the system.

The most commonly reported customer issues related to photovoltaic installations are:

1. energy production at a level lower than planned
2. changing voltage
3. incorrect configuration of the inverter
4. inverter shutting down
5. no monitoring
6. no “error” codes on the inverter

Less frequently reported defects:

1. short-circuit in the system
2. uncontrolled heating of AC switchgear
3. problem with the roof sheathing at the installation points

The service technician primarily performs detailed measurements of the operation of the entire installation in the building, on both sides of the AC and DC, as well as visual inspection. On this basis, the problem is diagnosed. Serviceman is able to perform minor repair work, such as: MC4 replacement, tightening of clamps, inverter configuration and removal of system errors on the premises.. Large, necessary repair works are priced and planned after the service visit in consultation and at the customer’s request. We complement the service with cleaning of solar panels.